Performance in Museums

Miguel Gutierrez, Intervening Warhol
Miguel Gutierrez, Intervening Warhol

              “As a person coming from performance [into the visual arts world], you constantly feel ahistorical. You constantly feel like no one actually has a sense that you’ve done something before, and your work has its own history in relationship to other kinds of histories. There’s this feeling of, ‘Ooh, what’s this?’ . . . There’s always this sense of reverence in museums around preservation, and representation of history when it comes to objects. So, I decided to do that with my own body of work. It gave me confidence to re-perform parts of performances I have made. It provided a way for me to have a sense of agency inside of a context that can feel so powerless to a performing artist.”

    – “Art is What You Can Get Away With: Intervening Warhol with Miguel Gutierrez”


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