Deborah Hay’s As Holy Sites Go/duet

I recently went with a friend to see Deborah Hay’s As Holy Sites Go/duet, which is part of Danspace Project’s Judson Now Platform 2012, and features dancers/choreographers Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby. According to the program, “the dancers are practicing a continuity of discontinuity within their separate and unique experiences of the choreography—thus engaging the… Read More Deborah Hay’s As Holy Sites Go/duet

The Bodily Archive

                An archive is traditionally considered to be a collection of materials and documents providing historical information about given events, people, or establishments. But could this information and these documents be contained within something much more organic—a receptacle as alive as the human body? Julie Tolentino defies the… Read More The Bodily Archive

Dancing with Danger

“So tangos and letters collapsed into ‘paper tangos.’ Like letters in an Argentina scarred not only by censorship but by attrition of public services, tangos are coded messages between two people with the acute awareness that this message may—even probably will—be read by a third. Like tangos, then, letters are a repository of an intimacy… Read More Dancing with Danger